Index of Euphoria S01E05 "03 Bonnie and Clyde" Download With Subtitles In 480p/720p

As a youngster, Maddy used to contend in magnificence events. Afterward, it is uncovered that she deceived Nate about being a virgin. In the present day, Rue discloses to her mom that she and Jules are dating, however Jules, awkward with Rue's reliance on her, is increasingly uncertain. Maddy's wounds from Nate are found and her mom chooses to press charges. Cassie has been seeing Daniel since the festival, however stops because of her association with McKay. Kat begins acting cold towards Ethan, who is confounded with respect to why. Afterward, she attaches with an agent working at the shopping center. Jules is baffled when Rue does not pay attention to her circumstance with Cal. Maddy has photographs of her wounds taken by the police while Nate precludes the claims from securing savagery against him. Ali does not accept that Rue and Jules' relationship will last, which alarms Rue. McKay apologizes to Cassie about what occurred at the festival. Maddy lashes out at her mom about Nate. So as to offer some kind of reparation with Lexi, Rue welcomes her to go rollerskating with her and Jules. Cal questions the impacts of keeping what he is completing a mystery from his children. Afterward, Maddy gets together with Nate at a motel and they accommodate.