Index of Euphoria S01E04 "Shook Ones Pt. II" Download With Subtitles In 480p/720p

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A youthful Jules is conceded into a mental emergency clinic and self-hurts there. In the wake of getting out, she begins progressing. In the present day, Rue meets with Ali and talks about her affections for Jules. At the festival, Nate and Maddy have a contention while Jules and Rue consent to disregard the kiss. While conversing with Nate's dad, Cal, McKay will not call Cassie his better half in view of her notoriety, irritating her. After Maddy and Cassie take molly, Maddy makes a scene before Nate's family, while Cassie plays with her colleague Daniel. Jules finds that the man from the motel is Cal. Kat spends time with Ethan, however leaves when she sees him conversing with an alluring young lady, and later engages in sexual relations with an eminent alumni of her secondary school. With Jules' assistance, Rue looks for Gia and in the long run discovers her stoned. Nate snatches Maddy and leaves wounds on her neck. She stands up to him about the photographs from his telephone and consents to release it. Cal goes up against Jules, yet she consoles him she won't inform anybody concerning their night together. Jules meets with "Tyler" and finds that it is Nate, who extorts her utilizing the bare pictures they sent one another. A short time later, she goes to Rue's home and they kiss.