Index of Euphoria S01E03 "Made You Look" Download With Subtitles In 480p/720p

A youthful Kat puts on weight subsequent to coming back from get-away and is alienated by her companions. Preceding secondary school, she turns into a prevalent online fan fiction author. Following the fentanyl occurrence, Jules discloses to Rue she won't be companions with her in the event that she continues utilizing drugs. At her Narcotics Anonymous gathering, Rue discusses being 60 days calm, yet outside another participant named Ali uncovers he realizes Rue is lying. Kat begins having cam sessions and utilizations the cash to purchase another closet. Mourn helps Jules take bare photographs of herself after "Tyler" sends her a "dick pic". A short time later, Rue takes pills from Jules' kitchen. Cassie goes to a fraternity party with McKay. A confounded Maddy finds a few pictures of penises on Nate's telephone. Mourn and Jules contend after Jules uncovers her arrangements to meet "Tyler" alone around evening time after the jubilee. Afterward, Rue apologizes and winds up kissing Jules. A resentful Rue goes to Fezco requesting drugs, yet he won't. Lament faults Fezco for selling her the medications that encouraged her compulsion and at last calls Ali for assistance.