Index of Euphoria S01E02 "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" Download With Subtitles In 480p/720p

As a kid, Nate is addressed by his dad about taking care of business. In the present day, Nate breaks into Tyler's home and physically attacks him, blaming him for assaulting Maddy, who erroneously asserts she passed out the evening of the gathering. On the principal day of school, Rue separates in detaches and pursues from class being gotten some information about her late spring. Lexi endeavors to comfort her, yet is rejected. Regret thinks back about attempting oxycodone just because at 13 years old, while her dad was biting the dust of malignant growth. Kat discovers that a sex tape highlighting her was recorded and transferred on the web, however denies it is her. Subsequent to discovering more duplicates of the video on the web, Kat understands that she can make cash off of men's fascination in her. Jules begins chatting with a mysterious closeted muscle head on the web. Mourn discovers Fezco with another street pharmacist, who powers Rue to take fentanyl. A while later, Fezco calls Jules for assistance with Rue. In the interim, McKay visits Cassie and is baffled at her for making their collaborations so explicitly charged. It is uncovered that the man Jules is conversing with online is Nate. She asks what his name is, yet he discloses to her it is Tyler.